We developed our email marketing platform in 1999 which has evolved into a comprehensive platform which rivals leading email marketing service providers. PushTo is one of DA Group’s flagship products and we’ve taken the time to listen to our clients’ needs, enabling us to develop this proven marketing tool. The original team behind the creation of the system are still here and are constantly adapting it in line with ever-changing technical advances. Our combination of technical, design and marketing skills are at your disposal if you wish or if you’d rather go it alone, we’ll leave you in peace! The system is simple for anyone to use.

Functions and Features


  • Upload and compile your database via the easy to use import function
  • Segment your database into groups and save as lists to target specific groups of people
  • See your database grow over time at a glance
  • Allow for unsubscribe requests and ensure data protection compliance


  • User-friendly email creator - a simple drag and drop feature and multiple picture-text layout options to save time
  • Schedule campaigns in advance - automated delivery
  • Create your own content or have our team take care of everything
  • Web2print function – print materials can be taken directly from the platform to keep branding standardised across all of your marketing activity


  • Track open and click through rates – and work out the best way/time/message to communicate with your audience
  • View individual data on who has opened or clicked through
  • See how much revenue has been generated from each individual email
  • Request a personalised, report on how your email marketing campaigns are performing, complete with practical, expert advice to improve

Will my message get through?

Maximising delivery rate is paramount to us therefore we take server reputation very seriously. PushTo will automatically keep your data ‘clean’ and take care of any unsubscribers. The inbuilt system runs an automatic spam scan and produces a score to let you know whether what you’re sending is likely to make it into the inbox of the recipients.

Case study: Fantastic Results for Hotel Marketing

"Not only did PushTo improve turnover on Food & Beverages by 10% year on year, but it also underpinned our leisure membership strategy, reduced our member churn and was central to driving member acquisition and retention." Chris Fielding-Martin, Head of E-commerce Malmaison & Hotel du Vin (formerly Head of E-commerce at Village Hotels)

During time spent in various senior marketing positions for companies including Village, Malmaison and Hotel du Vin, Chris Fielding-Martin used the email marketing platform with great success. Not only did the software enable the hotels to send effective communications but it allowed Chris and each individual hotel to understand their markets better. Through comprehensive reports and regular analysis from the DA Group team, Chris was able to tailor the communication according to the demands of his database which led to email marketing becoming a key component of his strategy and sales process.

Fairly new to his role of Head of Marketing at the time, he had been looking for a system which allowed multiple sites to handle local campaigns whilst providing a central overview. Both of these companies had extensive databases of over a million contacts when they came to use the email marketing platform, so choosing a reputable email marketing service provider was paramount.

Initially, the team at DA Group designed and built templates for each of the hotels and some one-off campaigns in HTML. Through the success of these projects, Chris’ trust in both the platform and the team strengthened and the partnership grew. PushTo took on further responsibilities including the weekly ‘big brand’ email and the team became a respected extension of Chris’ marketing team.

The nature of the emails which were sent included: newsletters, event promotion, offers and vouchers. Targeted content to targeted lists always produces the best results, something that Chris Fielding-Martin was very familiar with. The team provided tailored advice, by examining click behaviour, which shaped the design and copy of future email campaigns. This led to increased overall open and click rates. Essentially the hotels were sending their databases offers which would appeal to them, resulting in higher sales and an improved relationship with the brand.

DA Group provided regular training and ongoing support as well in-depth analysis and advice, which has had a direct and profound impact on their future email marketing strategy. Currently they are sending targeted emails and trigger emails and this approach remains a constantly evolving tactic.

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